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PCclear detects and removes spyware and adware from your PC, and protects PC from viruses, worms, Trojans and all other   cyber threats.

PCclear also has Sweeping module which sweeps out all your tracks on the PC to protect your privacy and boost the performance.   Active-X protection, Registry Cleaning and more in the PCclear.
One Click Scan
Performs Spyware Scan, Virus scan, registry cleaning,fixed disk cleaning and history sweeping at once.

Active-X protection
You can protect your self from unwanted Active-X usingPCclear.

Registry Cleaning
PCclear scan and clean Windows registry of inconsistencies and invalid file references, unnecessary entries.
The secure cleaning environment provides backup points to recover unwanted cleaning.

Program Manager
You can use Add/Remove programs from PCclear just like Control Panel. More functions are to be added.

History of Scan
The results of all scans are automatically saved for your reference.
What is spyware?

There are many definitions on the Internet about spyware:

Spyware, also known as adware, is Internet jargon for any data collection program that secretly gathers information about you and relays it to advertisers and other interested parties.
A general term for a program that monitors your actions.
It's a secret code hidden in an otherwise harmless program. Spyware permits unauthorized access to a computer, allowing someone else to observe the user, read data, or even control the computer.
Spyware is a program that, when installed on your computer, changes settings, displays advertising, and/or tracks Internet behavior and report information back to a central database.

In most cases, users unknowingly install spyware by installing new software, most commonly a piece of freeware or shareware (such as KaZaA, WeatherBug, etc.). In most cases, many of these programs have one purpose: to track your Internet browsing habits, such as frequented website and favorite downloads. They then provide various advertising companies with marketing data.

Some spyware programs, such as CommonName, Gator, MealDumb, can adversely affect your computer's performance.

There are a few easy ways to tell if your computer has been infected by spyware:

One or more toolbars have appeared within Internet Explorer.
Your Internet Explorer "home" page has changed to a different website (generally a search webpage).
Programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, are running slower.
Advertisements (pop-ups) instantly appear - even with you're not browsing the Internet.

For more information on spyware, download our free whitepaper (Adobe Acrobat file) by clicking here.

Features of PCclear

Searches your computer for dangerous malware such as spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers and cookies.
Dr.Cirus looks through all your files and notifies you of all the malware through the use of its extensive and continually updated malware library.

Runs through a simple 3-step process to clean your computer.
PCclear rapidly scans through your files to find any malicious software residing on your computer.
After you have scanned for any malware, options appear that allow you to either delete what you have found, white list your findings or perform another scan.
Click on the DELETE tab, and you rid yourself of having to deal with annoying spyware.

Well-designed and simple interface that is easy to use.
The interface of PCclear consists of familiar icons that are easy to follow, and a sensible layout that allows for easy comprehension.

Quick scan results that not only list malware in a well-organized manner, but also shows the threat level.
Another way to stay informed about any malware that sneaks on your computer is through this feature of showing how much of a threat each item is while it is listed out for you.

Scan your computer manually, or schedule a time forPCclear to scan your computer on a regular basis.
You are given the option to scan at any time, or you can set up a scheduled time for scanning to occur on your computer.

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