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FAQ - ADWare, Spyware
  What is spyware?
Spyware programs are programs that covertly collect personal information about you (such as name, email address, and internet surfing behavior). Typically, they make money for their publishers by reporting this information and sending you advertisements. Most spyware is installed silently or bundled with other programs. Freeware, shareware, and peer-to-peer file-sharing programs are often bundled and/or supported by spyware.
  How did it get on my computer?
Some spyware and adware is silently installed by other programs running on your computer, as well as by internet sites you may be visiting. Many free programs come with spyware or adware. The program installer doesn't always describe every program being installed.
  How do adware and spyware differ?
Different people have different definitions of each. We call any program designed to deliver ads or to get marketing information adware. Generally, adware is any program whose purpose is to deliver advertisements or get marketing information. Spyware is a subset of adware, because it collects and reports personal information.
  How do adware-removal tools work?
Most adware-removal tools maintain a library of filenames and registry keys associated with known adware and spyware programs, and search for and remove them from your computer.
  How are pop-ups related to adware?
Many adware and spyware programs will generate pop-ups, even if you aren't online. Frequent browser pop-ups usually occur independent of where you're surfing online, and generally mean that you have adware installed on your computer.
  Is all adware bad?
This depends on the adware. Some adware just shows ads inside applications which have utility while others will place pop-ups over the pages you're viewing. The kind to really watch out for is spyware that collects your personal information and sends it to a central server.
  Why would someone make adware or spyware?
MONEY. The pop-ups and other ads you see as a result of adware installed on your system are sold to the advertisers by the makers of the software. The information collected about you by spyware is valuable marketing information that can be sold to other companies to target ads at you.
  How do I know if adware or spyware is running in my computer?
The best way of finding out is to use a good, up-to-date program that detects it and to carry out a full scan of your computer.
  How do I make my computer adware- and spyware-free?
Let PCclear scan your pc regularly and remove these programs as they're found. Performing regular scans will keep you aware of what's been installed on your system. Be sure to have the latest definitions available.
You can even have PCclear run scans on a schedule so you can run them as frequently as you wish.
  My virus software found adware/spyware but is unable to delete them. Why?
Virus protection programs that are geared towards getting rid of viruses, not adware or spyware. Some detect viruses by their behavior -- the problem with this is that there are several kinds of programs that "act" like a virus when they might be adware, spyware, or even a legitimate program. Programs with an auto-update feature might be detected by virus software for this reason.
PCclear removes not only viruses but known adware, spyware, tracking files, etc so there is no guessing involved. PCclear is also being updated constantly.
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